Manic Street Preachers

Twenty years on from the release of their incendiary debut ‘Motown Junk’, Manic Street Preachers may just be finding themselves at the peak of their art. While the band considered hanging out their instruments for the last time after 2010’s ‘Postcards From a Young Man’, it seems they found plenty more music in them. Their next records turned out to explore previously uncharted territory, from the acoustic hymns of 2013’s Rewind the Film to the exhilarating new sounds of ‘Futurology’ in 2014 – which The Quietus called a ‘solid-as-granite masterpiece’.

This year’s ‘Resistance is Futile’ goes further yet: it’s intense, confident, empathetic, with exceptional lyricism in part inspired by the current events of these last few years. These are songs that will bring all together in a cathartic, top-of-our-voices singalong – they’re a way to use art ‘as a hiding place and a weapon,’ in Nick Wire’s own words. This is truly an album for the stage, and one to show the power of the Manics to forever reinvent themselves.