Black Eyed Peas

Let’s get it started with The Black Eyed Peas. Original trio, Taboo and came to prominence in the late-1990s LA scene thanks to the band’s roots in conscious hip-hop, drawing inspiration from A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul. Elephunk propelled them onto the world stage in 2003, with hits like ‘Where is the Love?’ and ‘Shut Up’ turning the group into a household name. From then on, it’s been one party anthem after another, the Peas’ distinctive sound skilfully merging a hip-hop soul with dance-pop energy on multi-platinum-selling tracks such as ‘Don’t Phunk With My Heart’, ‘My Humps’ and ‘I Gotta Feeling’.

After a nine-year hiatus – since the release of their last album, The Beginning – the trio have re-immersed themselves in their original hip-hop sound. New album Masters of the Sun Vol. 1 focuses on political messages and social issues with signature catchy and forward-looking lyrics.